I’m Leaving Town Tomorrow

To my wife, both of my children, all my grandchildren, friends and neighbors:


I’m leaving town tomorrow, I’ m leaving town forever.

Yep, I’m gonna be gone forever, I can’t ever come back.


I’m going to visit my Father and all my brothers and my sisters,

They live in a really great and beautiful place.


Father sent me books to learn from so I could learn how to live with others in His place. I learned a lot like how to love, honor and praise Him with all my heart, mind and soul. He also taught me too love all my neighbors just like I love myself.


So, His Word I have learned. I am expecting to receive a new gift for my soul tomorrow but I have to leave all the  older gifts behind.


Tomorrow one of My Fathers ardent supporters will come to lead me to His place.


Gosh, I’m nervous but at the same time I’m really happy He loved me enough to take me in.


I had to work really hard sometimes to keep myself from making my Father unhappy. Sometimes He just had to show me that I was wrong in my actions and let me to get myself into trouble before He showed me His grace and mercy. But you know what, my Father never gave up on me and kept on encouraging me. I think I finally got His message and have tried really hard to please Him.


There is no doubt that my Father did not always give me what I wanted but He always did give me what I did not deserve.


I have read lots of things about His place and I was very impressed with it. He brought me into my life with nothing and I will leave this life with nothing. But because He is bringing me to His place I will be taken very good care of, given a beautiful place to live and I will get to visit with my brothers and sisters who went there ahead of me.


Some of the great things about my Fathers place is it is a place without sin or sinners, it is a place without sickness or pain, it has fruit growing every month the year round beside a river that runs from under His place of honor. All He asks of those who live there is to love, honor and praise Him for His goodness, mercy and love that will be ever present.


I learned that once we get to the Fathers place that we will always be with our Lord and Savior forever. Even when He comes to earth to reign for 1000 years to rid the earth of sin and sinners and to make it ready for the New City of Jerusalem which will be all believers marriage gift from our Husband (Jesus Christ) and our final home in God’s heaven.


Now there are some who would lead you to believe otherwise, but if you know you’re Lord and ,you will know un-truth from the real truth.


Just know that if Jesus has not spoken about it and told how things should and will be then it probably is not true. Especially look out for those things that go against God’s Word (found in His inspired Bible).


Folks, it just don’t get any better than living with our Lord and Savior for eternity. Yes, I was a little nervous at first but now that I have thought about it, I can’t wait to see all my family that preceded me and that glorious heaven my Father has made for all His elect children. But most of all I can’t wait to be able to walk and talk with my Father and His Son, my Lord and Savior.


You might ask if I am sorrowful for leaving my family on earth. In a way I really am but you know what, if I have done my job on earth correctly I will have taught my children about our Father in heaven and what they need to accomplish in order for Him to bring them to His exceptionally wonderful and beautiful place also. I am pretty sure they understand what is needed and are living in goodness and love all their neighbors. I know I  will see them there and  the time before they come to their Fathers place in Heaven really won’t be all that long.


Please don’t fret for losing me, because soon you will find me just as you will find your Father and His Son. Then we will all be together for eternity.


So to all my family, friends, and neighbors continue to do your best to please our Father in heaven and I look forward to meeting all of you either at the gates of heaven or somewhere on its premises.


So please everyone who reads this, Love and honor your God in Heaven with all you heart, mind and soul and love your neighbors as you love yourself. Remember God’s promise of giving you a choice to become an elect child of His and the promise of being invited to His heaven will always come true.


Bon Voyage

From CB (alias Darling to one, Dad to a couple and Pa to 7 others.)