Be careful how you live. Be careful lest you fall. Be careful to love the Lord. Be careful to obey. Be on guard, stand true to beliefs. Be aware, do not be greedy. Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees.


Be careful how you live

Ephesians 5:15    15 See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise,


Be careful lest you fall

1 Corinthians 10:12    12 Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.


Be very careful to love the Lord

Joshua 23:11   11 Therefore take careful heed to yourselves, that you love the Lord your God.


Be careful to obey

Joshua 22:5    But take careful heed to do the commandment and the law which Moses the servant of the Lord commanded you, to love the Lord your God, to walk in all His ways, to keep His commandments, to hold fast to Him, and to serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul.”


Be on guard, stand true to beliefs

1 Corinthians 16:13    13 Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong.


1 Thessalonians 5:6    Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober.


Beware, do not be greedy

Luke 12:15    15 And He said to them, “Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.”


Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees

Matthew 16:6    Then Jesus said to them, “Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees.”


Diligently obey commands

Deuteronomy 6:17    17 You shall diligently keep the commandments of the Lord your God, His testimonies, and His statutes which He has commanded you.


Do not let your heart turn away

Deuteronomy 11:16    16 Take heed to yourselves, lest your heart be deceived, and you turn aside and serve other gods and worship them,


Keep a clear mind

2 Timothy 4:5    But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.


Keep alert and pray

Matthew 26:41    41 Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”


Ephesians 6:18    18 praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints—


Keep a close watch on yourself

1 Timothy 4:16    16 Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you.


Listen carefully to the truth

Hebrews 2:1    1 Therefore we must give the more earnest heed to the things we have heard, lest we drift away.


Pay attention to what you hear

Luke 8:18    18 Therefore take heed how you hear. For whoever has, to him more will be given; and whoever does not have, even what he seems to have will be taken from him.”


Watch out for attacks from the devil

1 Peter 5:8    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.


Watch out, so you do not lose the prize

2 John 8    Look to yourselves, that we do not lose those things we worked for, but that we may receive a full reward.


Watch out, you may be seduced with wealth

Job 36:18    18 Because there is wrath, beware lest He take you away with one blow; For a large ransom would not help you avoid it.


Diligently obey commands. Do not let your heart turn away. Keep a clear mind. Keep alert and pray. Keep a close watch on yourself. Listen carefully to the truth. Pay attention to what you hear. Watch out for attacks from the devil. Watch out, so you do not lose your prize. Watch out, you may be seduced with wealth.


Please remember that if we have any hope in our Lord and Savior who gave us “everything” we must be continually faithful to the Lord, first. Remember, God loved us first, even before He created us.

God is testing us every day and has given us the right to make our own choices. Do you know which ones are the right choices in Gods mind?

Fear God, love God, honor God, and trust God with all your heart, mind and soul and you will receive and experience the joy of the promises of God’s blessings in His time.


Prayer:   Father in heaven, I praise You for Your Son and the Holy Spirit. I praise You for Your grace in sending us Your wisdom about “Watchfulness.”  Please bless those who have read this article for they too are seeking Your righteous truth, love, wisdom and understanding.

May God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and Christianity be our guiding lights, our safety nets and our inspiration for loving happiness in all of Your kingdom. Father into your hands I commend my spirit. Not my will, but yours be done. Please come Lord Jesus.

I pray in Jesus sweet name and to His glory through the power of the Holy Spirit,