by John Stilchen

Copy Right: TXU1 – 985-580


Some times when I ponder on what my life has been, the good and bad times and how it was back then, a yearning comes over me to live it all again. But that will never happen. You see it’s just a wish that can never be. A wish to relive a time I knew when people talked to each other, wrote letters to their friends and went on wonderful car rides all over our beautiful land. It is great future we live in today. It was not all sugar and spice as some would have you believe. We had our wars, Great Depression, recession and everything in between. And through it all, as I recall, the lessons we learned from the freedom we earned gave us this great future we live in today.

      Where people still talk to each other now on their I-Phones, and text each other on their I-Phones, and go on wonderful car trips with their GPS while the kids watch TV or use their I-Phones in the back seats. Some day they too may yearn to go back and live it all over again, but it will never happen you see – it’s just a wish that can never be.