Do not bother rebuking mockers. Do not ignore criticism. Listen to constructive criticism. Love discipline.


Do not bother rebuking mockers

Proverbs 9:8    8 Do not correct a scoffer, lest he hate you; Rebuke a wise man, and he will love you.


Do not ignore criticism

Proverbs 13:18    18 Poverty and shame will come to him who disdains correction, But he who regards a rebuke will be honored.


Fool despises parents discipline

Proverbs 15:5    5 A fool despises his father’s instruction, But he who receives correction is prudent.


Listen to constructive criticism

Proverbs 15:31    31 The ear that hears the rebukes of life Will abide among the wise.


Love discipline

Proverbs 12:1    12 Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, But he who hates correction is stupid.


Open rebuke better than hidden love

Proverbs 27:5    5 Open rebuke is better Than love carefully concealed.


Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage

2 Timothy 4:2    2 Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching.


Privately point out person’s fault

Matthew 18:15    15 “Moreover if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brother.


Reject criticism, harm only yourself

Proverbs 15:32    32 He who disdains instruction despises his own soul, But he who heeds rebuke gets understanding.


Speak truth in love

Ephesians 4:15    15 but, speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head—Christ—


Valid criticism is treasured

Proverbs 25:12    12 Like an earring of gold and an ornament of fine gold Is a wise rebuker to an obedient ear.


Warn each other

Hebrews 3:13    13 but exhort one another daily, while it is called “Today,” lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.


Whoever hates correction will die

Proverbs 15:10    10 Harsh discipline is for him who forsakes the way, And he who hates correction will die.


Wound from friend better than kiss from enemy

Proverbs 27:6    6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend, But the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

Open rebuke is better than hidden love. Patiently correct, rebuke and encourage those who are wrong. Privately point out a person’s fault. If you reject criticism you harm only yourself. Valid criticism is treasured. Whoever hates correction will die. A wound from a friend is better than a kiss from an enemy.


Hearts can be renewed by Jesus. Christ can make a heart strong. God can create a new clean heart. The Lord can cleanse the heart and renew its spirit.

God is testing us every day and has given us the right to make our own choices. Do you know which ones are the right choices in Gods mind?

Fear God, love God, honor God, and trust God with all your heart, mind and soul and you will receive and experience the joy of the promises of God’s blessings in His time.


Prayer:   Father in heaven, I praise You for Your Son and the Holy Spirit. I praise You for Your grace in sending us Your wisdom about “Reproof.” Please bless those who have read this article for they too are seeking Your righteous truth, love, wisdom and understanding.

May God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and Christianity be our guiding lights, our safety nets and our inspiration for loving happiness in all of Your kingdom. Father into your hands I commend my spirit. Not my will, but Yours be done. Please come Lord Jesus.

I pray in Jesus sweet name and to His glory through the power of the Holy Spirit,


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