Pre-Adamite Era

(2 Peter 3:6)

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Just so everyone will know and understand this article, God  speaks of two different and separate eras in the early biblical history. The first was the time in Genesis 1:1-2 before Adam and the six days of re-reformation and creation or also known as the anti-chaotic and the chaotic age; aka: the pre-Adamite period. It is referred to in some biblical circles as the age of creation in which the heavens and then the earth were first made. The first part was the anti-chaotic age which was a period in time in which man lived in a beautiful rich green earth that God had made for habitation by man. This was also a time in which Lucifer was cast from heaven with his fallen angels and lived on earth. Then the second part or chaotic era began when Lucifer known as Satan after his fall and his fallen angels caused so much sin on earth that God caused (Gen. 1:2) the waters to flood the earth and the heavens around the earth to go dark and killed every living thing. The anti-chaotic and chaotic times are thought of here as one era. To support the words written above let’s look at 2 Peter 3:5-7.


2 Peter 3:5-7   5 For this they willfully forget: that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of water and in the water, 6 by which the world that then existed perished, being flooded with water. 7 But the heavens and the earth which are now preserved by the same word, are reserved for fire until the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.


Then there is the Adamite era from the re-formation and creation of the earth beginning in Genesis 1:3-2:25. The Adamite era is spoken of during and after the six days as re-formation and creation because the earth was formed prior to the six days. God did not create the earth during the six days He simply re-formed parts of it and created the other parts. The earth did not go away after the chaotic period but was barren and flooded with water.  So now that we understand these two era’s let’s look at a list of things that happened:


    1. Two social systems are mentioned here by Peter: one was (2 Pet. 3:5-7) a social system before the six days of re-formation and creation (Genesis 1:1-2) and one after (Gen. 1:3-2:25).
    2. The two former social systems perished by water and the present one will perish by fire (2 Pet. 3:6-7; ).
    3. The former social system (anti-chaotic period) was created “In the beginning” in Gen. 1:1 and (the chaotic period) was when God destroyed the earth by the flooding and darkness of Gen 1:1-2. The second social system was created in 6 days since the flood of Gen 1:2 and known as the Adamite period (Gen. 1:3-2:25).
    4. The flood of Noah destroyed completely all the social system on earth between Adam and Noah except for Noah, His wife, Noah’s three Sons and their wives who were preserved in the Ark to continue a new social system after the flood of Noah’s time. The social system after the flood of Noah’s time is reserved for fire when at the end of the present earth’s time, Jesus will burn the heavens and the earth and re-make them to be as beautiful as before sin came to the earth for the first time.
    5. No reference in Scripture can be found of a change in the heavens and the earth in Noah’s day, as in the time before Adam (Gen. 1:3-2:25). This proves that the world that then was. It had to be there before Adam’s day because the heavens and the earth, which are now in existence were not exactly like they were before the anti-chaotic or chaotic times and not before or after the time of Noah either.
    6. There was no man, bird, vegetation, or any other life left after the flood mentioned in 2 Pet. 3:6 and Gen. 1:2. They were made again in the 6 days (Gen. 2:4-9). That they had been on earth before Adam is clear from Jer. 4:23-28.
    7. There have been and will be 3 social systems on earth as we know it today:
      1. The pre-Adamite, the one that then was before the present heavens and the earth (2 Pet. 3:6).
      2. The Adamite sinful social system, which is from the time of Adam until the new heavens and the new earth will be destroyed with fire re-created (2 Pet. 3:7).
      3. The post-Adamite sinless social system to come on the new earth when we Christians will live with God and Jesus for eternity (2 Pet. 3:13; Rev. 21:1-22; 5; Isa. 66:22-24).
    8. There are three distinct ends of three sinful eras of the earth. 
      1. The world that was created in the beginning. The pre-Adamite social system which had a sinful career or it would not have perished in the flood of 2 Pet. 3:6; Gen. 1:2; Jer. 4:23-26; Isa. 14:12-14; Ez. 28:11-17; Mt. 13:35.
      2. The present Adamite sinful social system which came to an end in the flood of Noah’s time. There are three distinct ends of three sinful eras of the earth:
      3. The present sinful career of earth. It will come to an end at the end of the 1000 years
    9. In Noah’s flood it is clear, for Peter always mentions Noah or 8 persons if   he refers   to this flood (1 Pet. 3:20; 2 Pet. 2:5). Others also make it clear when they refer to Noah’s  flood (Isa. 54:9; Mt. 24:37-38; Lk. 17:26-27; Heb. 11:7).
    10. There is no doubt of a universal flood before Adam (2 Pet. 3:6; Gen. 1:2; Ps. 104:5-9). Since God never sends a flood unless judgment is necessary, there must have been a social system to be banished such as Satan’s before Adam’s time.

 God made these things known to man and therefore we shall read, study and learn them so we may be reminded and understand how much trouble God has gone through. He has endeavored to raise a loving, sin free, stable family for Himself in His new heaven and so we must hold on to our God given beliefs until Jesus brings us home.


God in his mercy does not give us what we do deserve but God in his grace gives us what we don’t deserve.

Note: The common denominator in this message is God. All people share God and Jesus for a while. But only believers can share joy from God and Jesus after this life, forever and ever.

God is testing us every day and has given us the right to make our own choices. Do you know which ones are the right choices in Gods mind?

Fear God, love God, honor God, and trust God with all your heart, mind and soul and you will receive and experience the joy of the promises of God’s blessings in His time.

Prayer:   Father in heaven, hallowed is Thy Name. I praise you for Your Son and the Holy Spirit.  I praise You for Your grace in sending us Your wisdom about the “Pre-Adamite era.” Please bless those who have read this article for they too are seeking Your righteous truth and understanding.

May God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Christianity be our guiding lights for eternity. Let it be Your will Lord not mine. Please come Lord Jesus.


I pray in Jesus sweet name and to His glory through the power of the Holy Spirit,