7 Laws to Create Uncommon Success

by Pastor Mike Murdock



The following are notes taken from one of Rev. Mike Murdock. These notes are about the laws of success taken from the bible and some wisdom keys.


7 Laws to Create Uncommon Success

1)  The Law of Difference:

  1. Learn your differences from others.
  2. When there is a problem, there is also a gate (a way) through which to solve it.
  3. Your success is dependent on others problems.


2)  The Law of the Mind:

  1. The mind needs a goal, a focus, instructions, and a hero.
  2. The mind needs light, movement and sound.
  3. The mind needs pictures, and conversation (meditation).
  4. The mind needs to hear what God says.
  5. Conquer your fear with faith.


3)  The Law of Recognition:

  1. Everything you are wanting is close to you.
  2. Recognition is in whoever or whatever you are seeing.
  3. Recognize what you have.4.


4)  The Law of Two:

  1. Two can multiply.
  2. Two are better than one.
  3. There is someone who sees something good in you.
  4. One person can make the difference


 5)  The Law of Place:

  1. Everything God has made is an assignment.
  2. Being in the right place (geography) makes all the difference.
  3. When you go into a place, go in with honor and show honor, but if honor is not shown back, leave that place.
  4. When you are where you belong, everything will fall into place, divine success will be there.


6)  The Law of Honor:

  1. If you fail with your life it will be because of a person you choose to dishonor. If you succeed it will be because of a person you have honored.
  2. Your future is the seed for the one you chose to honor.
  3. All blessings come through a chain of honor.
  4. If you change what you know you may change what you do.
  5. Listen for the sound of honor.
  6. Do not forget to honor the God of this universe.
  7. Honor protects, corrects and yields.
  8. Live by a code of honor.
  9. Honor is a seed that will stay with you for life.


7)  The law of Planting of the Seed:

  1. God planted His Son so He could have a family.
  2. Gratitude is a seed for more.
  3. What will be the harvest of your seed?
  4. There was never a farmer, a teacher or a preacher who didn’t believe in sowing. But we can only reap what we sow.
  5. The seed must be wrapped with expectation and faith in the harvest.
  6. You can do everything right and if you leave out expectation you will die broke.
  7. Three harvests: (1) God will give you a debt free home, (2) God will give you uncommon financial wisdom, (3) God will put one person in your life that will bless you.
  8. Give and it shall be given you.


Wisdom from the Holy Spirit:

The last person you want to be around is a liar.

When God talks to you about a seed, He has a harvest in mind.

The seed that leaves your hand only leaves your hand but the harvest stays with you for life.

Take what you have been given and plant the seed, then you can reap the harvest.

Faith decides timing – believe that in the next 90 days your prayer will come true.

Three items for an uncommon success: Seed, Time and Harvest.

Give to God or those in need in order to plant the seed and receive an uncommon harvest.

When God speaks with you He has a harvest in mind.

 Everything you have, your body, your limbs, children, home, job, etc. came from God.


You can live a lifetime believing a lie. Learn the truth from God and Jesus.

When you get involved with what is on God’s mind, then, He gets involved with you.

Come into a covenant with Jesus that gives purpose.

Sow your seed for a desired harvest.

There are seven laws to be successful before God. Learn them.

What you do for God, He does for you.

The Bible is a book about decisions.

God will not give you anything you have not pursued.

God uses our conscience, teachers and preachers to train us.

God only responds to faith.

Read Psalms 37, 91, 119.

Also read 2 Chronicles 9:6 and Isaiah 58.



 Please remember that if we have any hope in our Lord and Savior who gave us “everything” we must be continually faithful to the Lord, first. Remember, God loved us first, even before He created us.

God is testing us every day and has given us the right to make our own choices. Do you know which ones are the right choices in Gods mind?

Fear God, love God, honor God, and trust God with all your heart, mind and soul and you will receive and experience the joy of the promises of God’s blessings in His time.


My prayer: Heavenly Father, hallowed is Thy Name. I pray for spiritual wisdom. Thank you for Your wisdom sent through Pastor Mike Murdock. I have taken notes and written them down and I am in the process of studying them. But I need your help. I want to put the spiritual wisdom to good use so I may have uncommon spiritual success. I also need your help in remembering them. I have faith in You and I expect to receive this uncommon success.

I will listen for the Holy Spirits word and I anxiously await to fulfill that which the Holy Spirit tells me to do. I also pray that when this success is given to me that the Holy Spirit will direct me how to use it properly. My ultimate goal is to build my reserves in heaven and to live with my God and Father, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for eternity.

May God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Christianity be our guiding lights for eternity. Let it be Your will Lord not mine. Please come Lord Jesus.

I pray in Jesus sweet name and to His glory through the power of the Holy Spirit,


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  1. Hi pastor Micke
    I was so so blessed,
    when i was watching u on TV just now on inspiration TV in Accra GHANA .
    And was moved by the testimonies you share about your financial breakthrough in your whole life.
    Thanks for blessing me today, GOD bless u
    By the way
    I believe strongly in seed sowing, and i had u giving an opportunity to 300 people to sow in 17 minutes.
    I really really wanna be part of the 300 people, but i don’t have much in my account .
    So what do i do now for me not to miss this financial breakthrough? Thanks


    1. Hi Arron, you sent your reply to Christian Articles rather then to Pastor Mike Murdock. His e-mail is: http://www.inspiration.org

      I really like Pastor Murdock also. I thank you for following my blog and hope you will also get plenty of inspiration from it.
      I have been at this for a while and have a little over 2000 articles published, One suggestion: when using others articles it is good to read them over closely and see if they follow the words of the Christisn Bible. If necessary use a christian bible commentary to see if the other article is on tract will what you want to write.

      I wish you good writing,
      A Brother-in-Christ
      Carlton Blaylock


    2. Aaron you have commented on the Christian articles blog. I used part of Pastor Mike Murdock (www.inspiration.org) to write my article.
      Thank you for following my blog, I hope yu will seek information from my articles to use in your writings. But always be wary when using others writing. Make sure it makes Christian sense and when others write a sentence and then use a bible verse to confirm it, check to see if that verse is the same as in your bible. I have been at this for a while and have a little over 2100 articles. Please us part or all of them if you like.

      Good writing,
      A Brother in Christ
      Carlton Blaylock
      E-mail: carltonb1@ yahoo.com


  2. am michael chireri. a kenyan youth. since i knew mike murdock and his ministry my life has really changed. am greatly inspired by his wisdom quotes and sermons. my thinking has been improved and thank GOD for this..


    1. Michael, sounds like you have met Mr. Murdock, Lucky you. I really like his work and TV episodes also. Thank you for reading from my blog. You are on the right road by seeking out God. I hope my blog will help your further understanding of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Feel free to ask questions anytime. Good luck on your pathway to God’s heaven.

      From a brother in Christ,


  3. Thank you.I am extremely inspired by Dr Mike Murdoch.
    I get his communication and am so grateful to him for sharing his knowledge experience passion and God given gifts and talents with others.God bless you with Good Health and Long life…
    Bahia Simon
    Cape Town
    South Africa


  4. i am victor nwokedi, i am so blessed by the message from mike murdock and pray that God will continue to increase him and those of you who took it upon yourselves to spread this good news.


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